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We proudly partnered this disruptive brand — VSPOT — to present their powerful mission to the world through identity, personality, and film.

It’s not something that’s talked about enough: the stigmas and embarrassment associated with women’s health. And VSPOT is leading the new conversation by creating a space for women to reclaim their most intimate selves.


VSPOT enables women to feel better for themselves and nobody else. Confidence, empowerment, and femininity — these were the key attributes that governed everything we created. As was establishing an emotional, empathetic connection with their clients.

We needed real voices, real stories, real women to inspire our approach to design — anything else would be disingenuous — so we spent time talking and learning before a single frame was created.


The logo reflects the women that VSPOT aims to serve: open and strong. At the same time, it’s minimal and refined with its contrasting thin and thick strokes. There is also a special wink in there.

brand film

Talking about our V isn’t easy, especially on camera. Our entirely female team found power in this, and it was one of the really special aspects of the project for us, as we interviewed a diverse range of women post-baby, post-cancer, post-divorce, post-menopause, post-any life challenge that has affected their feminine health. The stories they shared were honest, funny, poignant, bold, vulnerable, inspiring… Together, they tell a powerful brand story about why feeling good isn’t a taboo — it’s our right.