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VSPOT is an opportunity for women to feel GOOD again– To regain power, confidence and strength for THEMSELVES and no one else. Women no longer have to live with nor stay silent about vaginal issues.
Healthy changes can be made for a happier lifestyle.


Our challenge was to create a brand look and film that empathizes with these issues, but also exudes a strength and modernity that is today’s woman.
VSPOT brings women UP, so they can go about their lives, families, relationships and careers with the confidence they so clearly deserve.


Like the women VSPOT represents, the logo is strong in its adaptability and versatility. It is minimal in that it rids of anything unnecessary, but has elegance in its contrasting thin and thick strokes. The added wink gives its unique quality without being overtly obvious.

Brand Film

We interviewed a diverse range of women post baby, post cancer, post divorce, post menopause, post any life challenge that has affected their V, for their honest answers. The results are honest, funny, poignant, and powerfully vulnerable

Typography & Color

We chose this typographic pairing for a few reasons- The heading copy is feminine but feels unique and modern with a lot of personality. Maax balances it out with simple clean lines. Our color palette is feminine and interesting but NOT pink and girly.
The overall effect feels strong and beautiful.