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Informing, empowering, entertaining. Univision is the first Spanish language television network in the U.S. — that means they have an extraordinary, rich history. But they are not steeped only in the past. Their audience is moving forward and upward, fast. In developing their identity, our challenge was to leverage the strength of their heritage while keeping pace with the stunning trajectory of the viewers. Always with passion. Imbued with vibrancy. Bursting with energy.


Through our research — and just living in the world today — we found the infectious energy and confidence of both the brand and audience to be a constant inspiration to us. Tangible. Bold.
Univision’s positioning, “Bringing Together Hispanics On the Rise,” informed our entire approach to design. With an iconic vernacular where every motion has a slight uplift — an optimism — we developed a consistent visual thread for all genres and day-parts. Within each segment, style and pacing vary according to the tone of the programming. The result: flexibility, strength, and cohesion across the brand at large.


Reflect where the audience is and where they’re going. Based on the original colors of the logo, our palette includes gradation and depth. And throughout the package, we use the components of the logo to create unique shapes and areas of intersection. Representing growth. Progress. New combinations. Dynamic and fresh ways of coming together.