TNT Rebrand

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In conjunction with the release of a host of new programming, we collaborated with TNT on a visual identity that put their characters and their stories first. The challenge was to create a graphic, premium look that would unify the brand, but also not step over it. The stories are the heroes, not the graphics.

The look had to be minimal, sophisticated, and cinematic.

our Solution: the tnt lens

So how do you get closer to the stories and the characters? In order to highlight (not hide!) their shows, we took a cue from the logo shape, developing a circular lens device to that would magnify key moments, character details, and graphic messaging. Its a simple and cohesive system that hints at the very process of storytelling.

The System

The strength of the lens system is that we are always visually enhancing the content. The circle displaces, magnifies, or blurs the footage, providing us with a background and palette of colors, always derived from the shows themselves.

As a result, the lens becomes synonymous with the TNT brand, permeating from on-air, to social, print and outdoor.