Brand Awareness

  • Copy Writing
  • Design
  • Live Action


A digital platform that allows independent professionals to easily create online courses, Teachable has helped more than 100,000 creators earn over $1 billion from online courses.

For their first ever brand awareness campaign, Teachable asked us to share their mission with the world and set their vision for years to come. Every step of the way, our goal was to connect with creators on an emotional level, recognizing their passions, trials, and tribulations, all while demonstrating Teachable’s functional benefits and great ease of use.


Fom Moonlighters to IBOs.

Understanding our target audiences was essential, and, once we identified the core three, we conducted extensive interviews to understand their careers
and lives as well as Teachable’s role in both. These discussions informed motivations, barriers to entry, and the needs from the platform — insights that defined our approach — outputs and outcomes — moving forward.


Your Knowledge has value.

From pie making to hand stitching to animation lighting, we all have something to teach, and that knowledge is inherently valuable. This was our opportunity to tell personal stories about creators and the profound impact that Teachable has had for them — opening the door to the workspaces of our creators, showing the details of their process in all its colorful, imperfect, and authentic glory.


Create with ease. Share with purpose. Earn with confidence.

We crafted a series of scripts that distilled the Teachable offering into three message points, clarifying their value prop, aligning with audience segmentation, and providing a simple narrative framework for infinite use into the future.


Your passion made teachable.

The tagline system we developed emphasizes the joy of teaching and embodies Teachable’s impact and opportunity. The flexibility of this line lends itself to any kind of knowledge, furthering the vast and growing catalog of valuable knowledge.


Product Integration.

Expanding their strong graphic foundation was crucial to the success of this campaign. We brought their core brand elements to life through a typographic system and a seamless, fluid motion behavior that represents the functionality of their tools and product.


Using a modular approach, we crafted a story that could easily shift in length to accommodate social platforms, landing pages, and on-air best practices without sacrificing clarity, key messaging, or core visual elements.