Promax BDA

  • Animation
  • Branding
  • Illustration

Overview: Create What's Next

Promax BDA is here to encourage creativity, experimentation, and inspire the next generation of entertainment design. We were honored with the opportunity to brand the BDA 2018 conference, as well as design and produce the opening film. The overall objective was to promote to the tagline “Create What’s Next” with a sense of optimism, urgency and excitement. 

Solution: A Single Idea

Our concept was to represent the power of A Single Idea. A single idea is all it takes to provoke, protest, amplify, reveal, push the boundaries and change perception. Using this call to action as our backbone, we came up a series of dynamic visual expressions and transformations. We don’t know what is next, be we are definitely excited to find out.

The Logo

Our own unique interpretation of 2018.
We designed an iconic living logo to boldly represent a sense of creativity and transformation. It can be carved out of paint, constructed out of vectors, imprinted on a piece of paper, built out of light…The options are endless. We used these various states as designs for web, social and print collateral. 


Sometimes some of our most interesting creations don’t make it into the final cut! Here are a few of our experiments.