Nicktoons Rebrand

  • Animation
  • Branding
  • Illustration


What does a 9-year old boy think is awesome and exciting? That was the essentially the brief we received for this rebrand of Nicktoons. They asked us to envision a brand that couldn’t sit still – moving from idea to idea at lightning speed with an over the top mix of humor, action, and adventure.


It’s trickier than it looks. Nicktoons needed the expressive range to represent a wide variety of content in a diverse array of visual styles – everything from handmade stop motion to glitchy digital animation to clean flat graphics. We needed to allow for this range while still making everything feel like it lives in the same world.


Our final package was extensive –a full informational graphics package, thorough brand guide, and over 30 stand-alone IDs. We kept everything branded with a consistent palette and type treatment, and more importantly with a consistent approach to tone and messaging. Keep it surprising, keep it funny, and always keep it awesome.