NBA Fox Sports

Brand Identity

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The NBA has become one of the most relevant leagues with a pulse on popular culture that permeates the sport. The players are more than just athletes with a style-conscious appeal that extends beyond the court. Fox Sports challenged us to create a marketing package that connects with an emotionally rich fanbase that values athleticism, drama and style.


Our visual language needed to communicate to a wide audience of loyal to moderate fans. To maintain this broad appeal we represented identifiable iconography in a way that captures the leagues sartorial sensibility and exudes a bold, sharp and confident swagger. These attributes have come to define what we consider the modern NBA experience.


A priority for FOX was to communicate with fans and their home team on a direct, emotional level. Our solution was to create bespoke localization techniques using aerial photography and player profiles. Team visual identities were fed through a larger brand filter to create an integrated experience that spoke to a multitude of local audiences.


Our package needed to be clean, flexible and scalable across digital, social and OOH advertising. We crafted custom deliverables that extended the brand system to 35 teams in 19 regions, speaking to roughly 50 million domestic fans.