Lifetime Movies Rebrand


Lifetime fanatics be ashamed no more! Embrace your love for these movies, own it, and enjoy it. For this bold rebrand, we used the melodramatic movie titles as our jumping off point, employing the visual language of graphic movie posters.

With custom typographic layouts and stylized imagery, we created an ownable and cohesive look that is both sophisticated and tongue-in-cheek.

Movie Posters

The promo end-pages are the heroes of this package. We designed a library of movie poster layouts that range from thrilling to poppy, and custom to automated, giving the brand maximum flexibility, within a clear set of parameters.

Icon System

An icon system is used to rate the movie at the start of a promo: Killer Mom? Check. Hot Boyfriend? Check. Broken Marriage? Check. We also utilize the animated icon library to create large scale equations for network IDs that are playful and mysterious.

Type & Color

To create a movie poster feel, we use a range of color tints and washes on the footage. When paired with accent colors, this cinematic effect creates a variety of moods from poppy and playful to menacing, suspenseful and seductive. We composed our lock-ups to feel big and dramatic. With exception for the movie titles, all network navigation is set in the Lifetime Brand Fonts.