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Less Utility. More Beauty. Working closely with renowned interior designer Kara Mann, we developed the strategy, brand positioning, name, and identity system for KEPT, her new platform and commitment to elevating practical housekeeping to the art of home-keeping.


Our process with Mann began with a rigorous distillation of her business goals. Then the development of an accessible approach to thoughtful products with utilitarian practicality.

A critical part of our engagement was developing the name. KEPT sums up the intention of the brand as it communicates the way people experience products for good. To further embody KEPT’s mission, we developed the mantra “BUY ONCE. BUY WELL.”


Based on our positioning, the design and overall aesthetic of the brand took on the look of a catalogue, index or archive of the objects you most want to keep in your home.

Strong letterforms and a warm palette embrace the index aesthetic, while a supporting collection of rich textures highlight the objects you will buy once and buy well.


Central to KEPT’s mission is sustainability, and the brand’s followers are KEPT Informed about materials, processing, and other environmental factors that influence consumer goods. KEPT products go a long way towards fighting needless waste and the unknowing use of toxins in the home.