Original IGTV Series

  • Design
  • Live Action
  • Strategy


We got an email from Instagram asking us to create a IGTV series that would be a platform for their new @creators channel, not just to produce but to create from scratch. We love emails like this. The process started with concept development around what the series could be. 

We knew that the priorities were to educate, inspire, empower, and humanize. And this wasn’t about driving likes for any one person. Nor was it thinking up outrageous situations to put Instagram creators through. Instead, we were going to embrace truth in the creative process AND the real challenges of putting your life on display. 

We pitched seven unique series concepts. Two were selected for development and went into production.


Creator to Creator pairs two creators to discuss their lives, influences, process, inspiration, challenges, goals. In prep, we got to know each creator and craft the questions they would ask each other, lending structure and purpose to each set up. 

We also found locations that felt distinct from each creator’s usual environment. Then we brought our production powers to work and captured the creators sharing their stories. In post we edited each episode and designed the graphics to accentuate the personality of the creators and to brand the series with a flexible framework


Our second series for the @creators channel, How I Create, gives a unique insider view on our creators by exploring where they shot their most popular content, how they got started, why they create what they create, what’s most affected their career, and the special tips and tricks they want to share. Each episode is a personal and authentic behind the scenes look into the world of one creator.


A loyal following. Each of our series have grown into IGTV user templates and tool kits that help up-and-coming creators in the development of their own content and the sharing of their own stories. As we aimed to do, our series have put creativity and inspiration directly into the hands of the community and, as the feedback has reinforced, they continue to inspire creators (established and new) on a daily basis.

Thanks for that email @Instagram.