Product Launches

Ongoing collaboration

Google is synonymous with products that feel cheerfully simple while providing profoundly advanced technology. At every product launch, we strive to meet that promise.

We partner with Google across its ecosystem, from the BrandUnit to the Hardware Team to Creative Lab, working to distill complex product offerings into simple, powerful, and effective messaging across product launch events and campaigns.

GOOGLE Nest home

Welcome to the helpful home. Working with Creative Lab, we explored the ways you make your house a home, and Google makes your home a Nest.

We leaned into invisible innovation—technology that blends perfectly into our lives— through quick glimpses of everyday life and a little wit, making the features instantly understood and highly relevant.

Introducing Jamboard

Ideas need room to grow, and in writing, directing, and producing the launch video for Google Jamboard, we brought all the innovative product features to life in one simple, cohesive story.

Working directly with Hardware folks at Google, we discovered that Jamboard’s bold colors and curves offered ample opportunity for playful framings and camera gestures. From our talent to our renderings, every detail had to resonate with and live up to the Google brand.

Equally exciting was the opportunity to capture glimpses of a creative community at work—the thrill of feeling relaxed yet productive.

It was also important to shape the performances and editing so that product interactions blended seamlessly with personal interactions.

GOOGLE Pixel and PixelBook

World, meet Pixel. We flexed our live-action and animation skills to help our friends at Art & Letters introduce Google’s phone and high performance Chromebook, with excitement and energy during this epic launch event.

We dialed up dynamic choreography, unexpected product compositions, and type-driven storytelling to capture the highly adaptable Pixelbook and truly helpful Google Pixel phone.


To showcase how Google’s products are made for all types of people and their different habitats and hobbies, we created a spot that captures the range and ease of use across home, work, and play.

Each vignette is seamlessly connected and shows a deeply relatable, and improved by technology, moment in someone’s life.

Google Meet: Series One

We wrote, directed, and animated Google’s venture into the meeting room space. Series One meeting room kits deliver on Google’s commitment to “People-first Meetings”. Technology that delivers innovative and immersive meeting experiences that help people feel like they’re working together, not just meeting together.

We reigned in the color palette, focused on elegant geometries, and took a direct approach to showcase the tech features IT departments fawn over.

Pushing the boundaries

Another collaboration with Creative Lab that we loved was a piece that documented the intersection between Google AR and cutting-edge choreography by the great Ryan Heffington.
We shot all choreography with Motion Capture technology, to generate motion data from the expert dancers. After the motion acquisition process, skeleton tracking methods allow the AR user to set the choreographed live dance routine free in any space around them, creating infinite creative possibilities.