Ford Mustang


It’s time to take control. The 2019 Mustang is all about personalization, and this expressive campaign remixes a variety of animation techniques and visual styles to show how drivers are really able to make it their own. Bold colors and dynamic transitions provide the sheer exhilaration that’s at the heart of the Mustang brand.

Personalize your Pony

The Westfield environmental content was designed to drive viewers to the Mustang Pony Personalizer activation – an interactive experience in which Mustang fans and drivers were able to create unique personalized ponies to share on social media.

The Mustang

To go with our stable of personalized ponies, we also created a full fleet of CG Mustangs in various paint colors, finishes, and trim packages. This was a chance for us to really get deep into the details of the most powerful Mustang ever, showing off every nuance of the materials and surface transitions.

Ford Pass Rewards

The spirit of personalization extends beyond the vehicle itself. We created additional content to promote Ford Pass, an app that amplifies the ownership experience, allowing Mustang drivers to find parking and fuel, pay for service, get vehicle health alerts and service reminders – even control their Mustang remotely.