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The challenge for Ford was clear. Evolve. It was time to push themselves as an inclusive, environmentally conscious company — moving away from their origins as a traditional car maker — and focus on a much bigger idea: Mobility.

With our partners at Ford and GTB, we invited the world into this critical and highly relevant evolution, creating a series of large scale experiential and digital campaigns over the course of three years.


The power of sustainability and exhilaration. Our initial campaign launched with the opening of The Oculus — Santiago Calatrava’s futuristic transportation hub at the former World Trade Center site in downtown Manhattan. No pressure.


Embracing the sheer scale of the experience and using Ford’s energy saving cars as our starting point, we created a tableau of lush greenery blooming into CG flowers and a field of vines — juxtaposing it all with visceral, human moments of mobility.

What If

Explore. Consider. Discover. The “What If” campaign turned The Oculus screens into an open conversation. Playful questions highlight how small changes and innovative thinking can make people’s lives better — giving us all more freedom to move, and ultimately, to live. Combine those with tactile objects, whimsical vignettes, and a spirited aesthetic… the campaign was designed to inspire curiosity and optimism.

Ford Co Pilot 360

It’s no longer just about eyes on the road. We live in a crowded, distracted world, and having more confidence and focus when we’re driving isn’t just important — it’s lifesaving. In their ongoing pursuit of technological solutions, Ford Introduced a new suite of features designed to make driving — and drivers — safer. We crafted the dynamic story for each of these critical innovations.

MUSTANG “Make it Personal”

Ford’s vision for the future of mobility required a new level of engagement between consumers and technology. Enter the “Make it Personal” app. Here people could personalize and customize their cars, as well as upload their own iconic designs. We created an OOH and digital campaign to drive traffic to this bespoke app.

Ford Pass

Gratitude, loud and proud. Ford loves to give rewards to their customers. To promote the Ford Pass program and the way you can earn points towards service, a new car, and all kinds of perks… we created a campaign that plays with the benefits that come with being a Ford owner and other (un)expected treats in our lives.