Bravo Rebrand

  • Animation
  • Branding
  • Live Action


With no significant update since 2009, Bravo was ready for a total makeover. We updated the iconic Talk Bubble and swept away all of the visual clutter, creating a fresh new visual language. The network is overflowing with big personalities, and our clean and bold graphics system matches their energy level while not competing visually.


The initial brand audit showed that Bravo was in need of a head-to-toe makeover – A new approach to every expression of the brand. Redesigning the logo was just the beginning.

The network also needed new graphic messaging systems for on-air, print, and social. To set the tone photographically, we also directed talent shoots, including an extensive live action package for the premiere of the new scripted drama, Imposters.


Our internal rallying cry – keep it in the moment. This brand revamp was all about being direct, connected, and contemporary. Over the years, Bravo has cultivated a devoted and media-savvy fanbase. We needed to evolve the brand while not losing the signature wink that made Bravo so popular in the first place. Our rebrand reflects this notion of interconnectivity-we’re all part of the same conversation.