BET Awards 2017

  • Animation
  • Branding
  • Experiential


BET Awards is the #1 Award show on cable. It not only excites and entertains the audience, it also connects with them in a unique emotional way. If one show could speak to the breadth of the entire brand, the BET Awards is that show and that voice. For the second year in a row, we had the opportunity to create the expression of that voice in a sleek, conscious graphic package.


How do you appeal to the lovers and dreamers of black culture in an emotionally connected and thoughtful way, without losing the ‘big picture’ theme? We needed to employ NEXT level thinking that translated across all media platforms.


This package strikes an organic balance between tech and graphic design. Overlapping graphic patterns create a bold look. The use of black and white combined with bright colors is strong and feels as elegant as the stars attending the show. Wavy animated type and small details make this a fun package perfectly suited for the party that is the BET Awards.