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If you live in NY, take pictures, make movies, listen to music, sing songs, you know the iconic superstore B&H Photo — they’re an institution with a seriously loyal following. Being busy wasn’t their issue. Connecting with a younger, broader audience was. Hello, YouTube. Meet B&H.

As B&H’s agency of record, our goal was to generate brand awareness and expand their consumer base, so we created a series of buzzworthy videos for the social media giant. An exciting first, for such a humble brand.

We are, however, not so humble — to date, our videos for B&H have had more than 70M views and counting.


To B&H’s surprise, we leaned into their disarmingly simple values – fair pricing, consumer-first policies, and honest business practices.

We wrote, designed, directed, and animated a series of videos to reflect their authentic personality and capitalize on the brand’s longstanding (but largely unknown) company pillars.


Creating for YouTube — and armed with support from Google’s brand team — we were able to use real time trends, data, and analytics to adjust and readjust our creative for maximum impact on the platform.


In a word, overwhelming. The B&H campaign was one of YouTube’s Top 10 True View Ads for 2019, as listed in AdWeek. Sales went up by 800% in the first two weeks (wow). AND the vast amount of viewer comments were not only positive — they dramatically raised awareness.


Who are Blimie and Herman? Exactly. This first film is a celebration of the special superstore, sharing their unique ingredients with love and charm. We hand-picked the lovable New York filmmaker, Ed Burns, as the B&H brand voice. He perfectly captured the energy and tone we were going for. He’s also a super nice guy.


It could be argued that the best thing about B&H is the people who work there. They are intelligent, helpful, honest, and never overly salesy. Rare, right? This film introduces real B&H employees in one camera move, across one long counter. Through a sequence of interactions, the viewer gets to experience the real magic of B&H and why it is so important to do business with real people instead of algorithms.


COVID-19 has been an exceptionally hard time for everyone. We all need reasons to feel inspired and excited to start our day, not to mention the support of friends, co-workers, and businesses. B&H is WFH like everyone else, but is still here for you (like always) to support your every endeavor. We created this YouTube video to serve as a friendly reminder and make you smile. The video has 8.7+ Million views on YouTube.