Malcolm X

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

  • Animation
  • Copy Writing
  • Design
  • Editing


Audible came to us to launch a campaign promoting an iconic performance by Laurence Fishburne of The Autobiography of Malcolm X. To articulate the enduring relevance of Malcolm’s story, we worked with Audible to craft the line “Malcolm’s Story is America’s Story.” By juxtaposing imagery from the civil rights movement with imagery from the present, our campaign reinforces how the struggle for racial justice is still being confronted today.


Malcolm X, like America, cannot be defined by one period or chapter of his life. By highlighting the multifaceted nature of his personality we were able to shed new light on the complex and relatable individual that he was while appealing to a younger generation of historians and social activists. 


In order to maximize engagement, it was important that the campaign live across multiple social platforms. Upon launch, Malcolm’s words became an outlet for the BLM movement and drove the campaign to extend and further impact our audience. At publishing, our work is being viewed by tens of thousands and counting.


Malcolm X’s story has been told in every possible medium but never has it resonated more than in our current political landscape. We worked with the Library of Congress and Malcolm’s family to curate archival imagery used to frame the movement happening today through the struggles of the past. Through the famous X we crossed timelines and movements to show how relevant Malcolm remains.


To further connect this message with a younger generation, we produced a second trailer to be broadcast during the Billboard Music Awards. The illustrative nature of the animation referenced iconic protest posters and album art that resonated during the civil rights movement giving added context to how we articulate Malcolm’s story.


As the Black Lives Matters movement brings a reckoning to American racism and social injustice, Malcolm’s voice is more relevant than ever. Our campaign launched across social, digital, and OOH and looks to bring awareness, social engagement, and influence to Malcolm’s words through the lens of today’s struggle.