Content Branding System

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  • Strategy


Audible came to us with one goal—to claim its place as the home of premium audio storytelling. 

With little consistency from campaign to campaign, the creative for each title missed an opportunity to create awareness and attribution. The lack of a consistent design system for content-led campaigns also led to confusion around the type of content and where to find it.


We did a full audit of Audible’s previous content campaigns and an extensive exploration into how premium entertainment brands balance attribution and title promotion to learn best practices and avoid previous shortcomings.

By leveraging the brand’s existing “reveal” device we were able to create a flexible content system with options for high and low brand volume, allowing Audible to choose title vs. brand without sacrificing brand awareness.


Our criteria was to drive clarity, consistency, and recall. Every touchpoint should create brand recall, maintain consistency, and signal audio, not video. 

As there was already equity in the Audible orange, we looked for opportunities to utilize it to remain differentiated in the crowded entertainment landscape. We simultaneously added to and elevated the existing palette to complement the orange and provide flexibility. The result was a cinematic, ownable palette that drives brand recognition. 


Own the listen. We lean into what makes Audible unique—its audio-only content—with a CTA system that speaks directly to its content-type. “Listen Now // Only on Audible” frames our campaigns to further drive brand awareness and recall. 

By leaning into the existing proprietary typeface we were able to create recall and consistency across all content verticals. We always stay within Audible Sans, but shift our tone by utilizing three weights—regular, light, and thin.