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Sibling Rivalry, in collaboration with Paola Antonelli, renowned architecture and design curator, created &Design, an episodic VR series rooted in universal and deeply human themes such as Death, Love, God, and the idea of Self. &Design guides audiences through an immersive experience of design that melds anthropology, science, history, and technology.

Why in VR?

Viewers are introduced to a variety of groundbreaking designers and creators from around the world, including Neri Oxman, Hiroshi Ishiguro, and others whose innovative work shapes the way in which we live in our world. The episodes could be 2D, some could be podcasts but the four we produced were specifically chosen because their stories lended themselves to be experienced dimensionally.

Tribeca Film Festival

Making its debut at the 2018 Tribeca Film Festival, &Design was made possible by a grant from Samsung’s VR Pilot Program. Sibling Partner/Creative Director Mikon van Gastel and co-creator/host Paola Antonelli were amongst the featured directors on the panel at the festival.


Sibling designed a brand that emphasizes &Design’s endless possibilities. The logo not only invites audiences to fill in the blank, but was designed to encourage viewers to wonder…just what isn’t designed?

Behind the Scenes

Nearly two years in the making, from concept to development, &Design was shot primarily with Samsung’s 360 Round VR camera. We combined live-action filmmaking, graphic design, and VFX to create an optimal viewing experience.