25 Days of Christmas

  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Logo Design


Christmas is a bit of a double-edged… icicle? On one hand, it’s the mother of all holidays, with a wealth of established imagery, colors, and themes. On the other hand it’s all been done before. Freeform recently launched a new brand package, and we were tasked with applying their clean and modern visual style to their biggest and most extensive stunt package of the year.


The holidays are all about overdoing it, right? We actually created not one but three separate packages. Running all November, Kickoff to Christmas was designed to build anticipation. It featured a wrapped-present icon system (because we don’t know what’s inside yet) and a more blue-heavy palette to ease us into the season. Pop Up Santa, an inspirational initiative focused on giving to those who need it most was, of course, all about the Jolly One.


We call it “Christmas with a wink.” This was an extensive branding assignment, including print, social, and an extensive on-air toolkit. We created a logo and color system as well as a detailed brand guide with specs for handling typography and illustration across all platforms.